Welcome Wonderfuls And weirds to the Big Dark Room.
I am Mistress Lilly F Lie, you can call me Lie, and the Big dark Room is where I live and work.

I am a visual Artist and Singer and Witch from the UK, now living in the beautiful Woods of New England.
Come on in for a walk through the big dark woods to the little dark house with the Big Dark Room for story time with what lives within….


I am currently working on three animation projects. The first, and most long term, is called “Fiat Lux”. The second is a companion piece currently under the working title “The four houses”, which will be released as a series of chapter shorts.
The third I can tell you only at this point is coming out of the “Tiny Dark Theater”. Don’t know what that is? stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for updates!

This site is currently under construction, but very soon you will be able to find animation, illustrations¬† essays and music, all suitably ‘dark’ , and more.
Check back soon.

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The Big Dark Journals

Behind the scenes blogs. Tutorials. Essays discussing the films themes and ideas and more.

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