I get asked a lot of things, some interesting, some boring, some bat-shit nuts! But there are some questions that come up more often than not so I will attempt to answer them here for you.

*Q. How long have you been animating?
*A. I started experimenting with animation in the late 90’s. The original idea was to create visuals for my music, but I ended up falling in love with animating more than the music! and the roles switched. When I was a child I used to gaze into the illustrations in fairy tale books for ages. I loved to enter these images in my mind, and could have told you what was over the bridge, around the bend or through the door. So I think I was always going to end up here.

*Q. What is your favorite thing about Stop-motion V other animation styles?
*A. I like all forms of animation, but for me Stopmo is all about the world creating. Creating a whole world that you can touch and bring to life in a very direct way.
I always say Stop motion is so meta, because as our minds control our bodies in this physical reality of it’s creation, the animator controls puppets in a world of theirs.

*Q. Do you sill make music?
*A. Yes I do, though mainly now just for the scores of my films. As my films tend not to have dialogue the music has to communicate a lot. Though I do still perform with my side project band.

*Q. When is Fiat Lux coming out?
*A. I don’t know honestly. It started out as a smaller project than it has become. Now it is important to me to do it justice, so it will be a while yet. I mean Blood Tea & Red String took 15 years! so…
Happily I have other projects in the works that will be available for you between now and then.

* Q. Do you do commission animations?
*A. No sorry I do not do animation for anyone but myself at this time.

* Q. Are you a Goth?
*A. Yes.

*Q. Are you a witch?
*A. I would say so yes, though it may not mean to me what it does to you. There was a time when I rejected the occult entirely. We all must go through a nihilistic phase on the path of growth. For me, having never been raised with religion, I ended up rejecting the pagan imagery and tradition  I grew up loving because their deities and rituals could not be literally true. Later understanding what the symbolism represents and the truth behind it, I am much more comfortable returning to it now in my own way.

*Q. Why not just make fairytale stopmo without all the “Freud crap”?
*A. I have only a little interest in Freud TBH. I think people get this idea though because,  it was always very hard for me to enjoy fairytales without exploring their deeper meanings for some reason. From there I developed an artistic obsession with the idea of purity and later the shadow (as described by Jung). And it is inevitable, I think, that when you do that you are going to end up talking about sexuality at some point….probably a lot. Freud didn’t invent sexuality though. lol.

*Q. What does Decopunk mean?
*A. Decopunk is an art movement that you can call a natural continuation of steampunk. Both Decopunk and dieselpunk , like steampunk before them, strive to combine the design, materials and power source of a past age (in this case the age of art deco through streamline modern – so the mid 1920s to the late 1930s, sometimes the early 40s) with technology of today, or the future. I am drawn to it because I always preferred the image of the future, our present, as imagined by the artists of that age. So I suppose you could say “retro futuristic” . It is the style you can see in some of the design choices I make in my on going project Fiat Lux.

* Q. Are your nails real?
*A. Yes.

*Q. How did you grow your hair so long?
*A. By not cutting it.

*Q. Are you serious?
*A. Sometimes.

Thank you, I hope you found your answer.