NIN Ghosts

This short film was created for the NIN Ghosts project. Trent released an experimental instrumental album in 2008 called Ghosts. He challenged fans to create short films using a track of their choice from the album. This was my contribution to the project.
The symbolism in this intends to think about the masks we wear while forgetting what, or never even looking at what, lives behind. As  human’s we have a  tendency to conflate preferred language of truth with truth it’s self. That is to put all the power of truth into the words and symbols used to describe it and forgetting, or never even looking for, what lies behind.
Symbolism and the truth they represent should not be thrown apart or they both lose their value.  When we give all of the power of truth to a symbol as if that was enough alone, we can forget to act truly….resulting in an endless repetition that achieves nothing.
The music’s mechanical and relentless feel inspired this.

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